Technology Solutions

We have a wide product portfolio consisting of the products of the world's leading brands for all technology solutions that institutions in the IT sector may need.
Network and Infrastructure Solutions

As Netex AŞ, we have a wide product portfolio comprising the products of the leading brands in the field of corporate IT solutions in the IT sector.

We offer services to our business partners in the field of network and infrastructure solutions through our expert technical staff and experienced sales teams. Our experts support our suppliers to explore the opportunities of cloud and infrastructure providers with endpoint applications in relation to Network and Infrastructure Solutions and provide support to our business partners to seize new opportunities and improve their business.

Data Center Solutions

With the ever evolving and renewed structure of digital technologies, in today's business world, critical data produced on systems need to be backed up against cyber-attacks and hardware failures.

We create added value for our business partners with the products of strong brands we have in the field of Data Center Solutions. In this regard, we demonstrate the products and organize training for our business partners with our competent technical staff and sales teams.

Security Solutions

Security Solutions have evolved into a process that provides multi-piece and end-to-end controls, with solutions from many different suppliers, each offering protection against different threats. Sophisticated processes, increased volume of data, increased end device diversity and increased security issues have made system, device and application security much more important.

Controls should start with the provision of controlled access to company resources in the outermost layer and contribute to the effective use of resources in this context. Security Solutions should be able to prevent theft of valuable data of the company or the use of this data by unauthorized users.

As Netex AŞ, we offer security solutions with our competent human resource and up-to-date technology infrastructure, handle the concept of security as a process, and offer end-to-end consultancy services and solution recommendations with our expert team so that you can have a secure infrastructure in your internal and external network connections.

Cloud Solutions

The digital transformation requirements of businesses drive them to become more flexible and agile. In this context, Netex AŞ and our business partners are rapidly developing IT service models and we are changing traditional consumption of technology.

Cloud Solutions mean faster innovation, flexible resources and economic scaling by offering computing services (including server, storage, database, network, software, analysis and machine intelligence) through the internet (cloud) infrastructure. In Cloud Solutions, since payment is per use, operating costs are reduced, infrastructure systems run more efficiently and scaling is made in accordance with changing business requirements.

OT/VT Solutions

The OT/VT (Automatic Identification/Data Capture, Original name AIDC–Automatic Identification and Data Capture) sector emerged with the invention of the barcode. The purpose of the OT/VT systems is to increase efficiency, reduce rate of error in the entered data, to save personnel from manual counting operations, thus saving time and allowing more important work to be done. Many technologies are available in the Automatic Recognition/Data Capture systems. These enable automatic identification of objects with technologies such as barcodes-QR codes, voice identification, smart cards, radio frequency (RFID) and biometrics.

IT Automation Solutions

It Automation Solutions provide effective automation and orchestration solutions at the task, process and service level to enable organizations to manage their IT operations quickly, efficiently and without errors.

IT Automation Solutions enable the automation of tasks and processes by delegating repetitive processes to tools through IT employees. Thus, as IT employees focus on more value-added works, productivity is increased, efforts and costs are reduced, and risks are minimized by avoiding errors that might arise from manual operations.

Big Data and Analytical Solutions

Information Technology (IT) managers may face problems in reducing the time needed to achieve actionable outputs from data analytics, both in terms of reducing costs due to budget constraints and being competitive.

However, especially finance, manufacturing and retail sectors and certain government agencies or other large organizations with a large number of users may need support to handle large heaps of data. In this context; as Netex AŞ, we offer solutions in the field of Big Data and Analytical Solutions with our broad product range on the hardware and software side.


IOT is a system that helps the customers of organizations switch to new consumption models or create interdependent transactions. Within the scope of these applications; IOT coverage area can be created in areas such as factories, hospitals, airports, universities, municipalities and industrial zones, enabling collection of data from long distances.

In the IOT solutions, the process starts from devices with built-in sensors. These devices connect to IOT platforms that store data from all connected devices. Important data is then used to perform tasks that meet people's needs.

Storing data on IOT platforms does not imply that all data is useful. Devices carefully select certain data that is relevant to executing an action. These pieces of information can detect patterns, suggestions, and problems before they occur. This way the IOT application works with intelligent systems that automate tasks to meet certain needs.