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Foundation of Netex
Netex was established on July 7th, 1996.


First Steps to the Network World
Index AŞ signs a distributor agreement with Cisco, currently one of the major manufacturers of Netex AŞ, and thus, the first steps are taken to the network world as Index Grup.


Netex is Under the Roof of Index Grup
Netex joins Index Grup, Turkey's leading IT distribution group. Thus, the foundations of the company that will lead the network industry are strengthened.


Growth with New Brands
3Com and HCS brands are added to Netex's product portfolio.


New Collaborations
Netex becomes the distributor of HP ProCurve.


Collaboration with Westcon Group
2007 is a year in which Index Grup takes big steps in the international arena. On July 24, 2007, Westcon Group European Operation Limited, one of the world's biggest companies in its field, and Neteks AŞ become partners with 50% share each. With this cooperation, Netex AŞ gains global knowledge and accumulation, which makes it stronger.


Growing Product Range with Leading Brands
Distributor agreements are made with Juniper, IBM ISS and Avaya.


Meeting Artım
51% of Artım AŞ, a value-added distributor in the IT sector, is acquired by Index Grup. Thus in 2011, after Netex, Artım also begins to operate in the field of value-added technology distributorship under the roof of Index Grup.

In the same year, Netex becomes the distributor of BlueCat Networks.


Collaboration with Aruba
Netex becomes the distributor of Aruba Networks.


Expanding Overseas
Index consolidates its distributorship contracts for all value-added product groups in the group company Artım. With its new configuration, Artım becomes the distributor of IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo DCG, Fujitsu, Honeywell, Zebra, Panasonic and APC brands.

Netex becomes the distributor of A10 Networks.


Artım is in Azerbaijan
Artım is restructured to deliver its value-added products to corporate customers notably in Azerbaijan and also in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan with its highly competent channel business partners ecosystem.

Artım opens an office in Azerbaijan.

In the same year, Artım becomes the distributor of Micro Focus.


Pure Storage Distributorship
Artım becomes the distributor of Pure Storage.

The entire product range of Micro Focus is added to Artım's field of operation.


Growth Continues with New Brands
Netex becomes the distributor of Arista.


The New Netex
Following 13 years of productive cooperation, Index AŞ acquires 50% share in Westcon Group pursuant to its future strategic goals in February 2020, thereby incorporating Netex AŞ into Index Grup 100%.

Netex and Artım, the companies of Index Grup operating in the field of value-added distribution, merge under the same roof on November 2, 2020 and begin to operate under the name of "Netex” in order to offer the strongest brands of current IT technologies to business partners from a single location.

With this merger, Netex AŞ begins to offer the strongest brands of current IT technologies to its business partners in the fields of network and infrastructure solutions, data center solutions, security solutions, cloud solutions, OT/VT solutions, IT automation solutions, big data and analytical solutions and IoT from a single hub.


New Collaborations
Netex AŞ became the distributor of Legrand brand, which offers cable distribution systems and control solutions for residential, commercial and industrial structures.

In addition, Netex became the sole distributor of Ricon Mobile, a subsidiary of the domestic telecommunications devices manufacturer Spintek, in Turkey.


"Distributor of the Year" Award from Aruba
Netex AŞ, one of the strongest companies operating in the field of value-added distribution in the technology sector, was awarded with the "Distributor of the Year" award by Aruba this year.


A Year Full of Awards
In the first days of the year, Netex AŞ received “2022 Distributor of the Year” award from Micro Focus.

Starting the year with awards, Netex AŞ also received “Highest Turnover Distributor” award from HPE and “ISG Highest Turnover Distributor of the Year” award from Lenovo.

Netex AŞ broadened the scope of its cooperation with Arista that is the leading producer of network products it distributes in Türkiye. Therefore, Netex AŞ added Kyrgyzstan to its area of activity regarding Arista products.

According to results of ChannelWatch Distributor Survey conducted by international BT research company CONTEXT that make market research in information technologies sector and active in over 22 countries in the world, Netex AŞ received “the Best Value-Added Distributor” award.

In 2023 Netex AŞ became the leading hardware and software product supplier for several projects that contributed to digitalization of our country.